Transitions is accredited with distinction by the Council of Quality and Leadership (CQL). This is the highest accreditation an organization like Transitions can receive and recognizes Transitions’ excellence in both its operations and plans for the future. As part of their experience at Transitions, each Apprentice is given a Personal Outcome Measures® interview from the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) by trained and certified CQL interviewers. These interviews are a quality of life measure and will form the basis of each Apprentice’s person-centered plan and goals. The supports the Apprentice receives will be based on their responses and will match their unique needs and interests.

Each of the three words in Personal Outcome Measures® shows how this approach is different:

PERSONAL | Starts with the person’s own view of his or her life
OUTCOME | Defines what is important to the person
MEASURES | Offers an objective determination of whether people are getting what is personally important


1.They’re PERSONAL

What we do is determined by each person for him/herself. Each person’s assessment for quality of life is unique to him or her. The definitions for quality of life are set by the person, with the help of people who care about him/her and know him/her very well.

2.They’re OUTCOME Based

How we work is guided by what’s happening in the person’s life, so the individual is experiencing real outcomes related to the personal expectations for quality that he/she has defined.

3.They’re MEASURED Differently

We can’t look at personal outcomes without measuring quality differently. Traditional systems measure how services are delivered or what the organization does. CQL’s approach to measurement looks at personal quality of life and addresses questions of priority and relevance for the person based on individual life priorities.


My Self

People are connected to natural support networks
People have intimate relationships
People are safe
People have the best possible health
People exercise rights
People are treated fairly
People are free from abuse and neglect
People experience continuity and security
People decide when to share personal information


My World

People choose where and with whom they live
People choose where they work
People use their environments
People live in integrated environments
People interact with other members of the community
People perform different social roles
People choose services


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People choose personal goals
People realize personal goals
People participate in the life of the community
People have friends
People are respected


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