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15 Jan by Transition USA

Benefits of Mentorship Programs: Transitions Talks with Priya

Celebrating Peer Mentors

In January, National Mentoring Month, we take time to appreciate the peer mentors who work with our students at Transitions. The mentors are all young adults who are college students and graduates traveling paths similar to our students’. They work side by side with the students and support them with many different aspects of their lives, from applying for jobs to staying focused in class, learning social skills and becoming an independent young adult.

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20 Dec by Transition USA

Holiday Tips for Families of Autistic Children: Transitions Talks with Priya

How to Make the Holidays Easier for Neurodiverse People

The holidays can be an enjoyable time of celebration for many people, but can be stressful for others. Depending on the circumstances and relationships people have with their family and friends, the holidays aren’t always an enjoyable experience for everyone. This can be even more difficult for neurodiverse individuals who may struggle to manage stress or anxiety.

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24 Nov by Transition USA

History of Disability Rights: Transitions Talks with Priya

Rights and Responsibilities for ALL People

Neurodiverse people and those with physical differences have many times been excluded from education opportunities, employment opportunities, housing, and routine activities in their communities throughout the history of the United States. Today, individuals with disabilities have the same rights that all citizens of this nation enjoy

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26 Oct by Transition USA

Hiring Employees with Disabilities: Transitions Talks with Priya

Employment + Disabilities, a Great Combination!

Employment + Disabilities, a Great Combination! Did you know that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month? The pandemic has been difficult for everyone in the workforce and those with disabilities are no exception. According to a report from the United States Department of Labor, the percentage of employed people with disabilities went from 19.3%

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9 Jul by Transition USA

Safety Tips for Young Adults With Autism: Transitions Talks With Priya

Safety tips for young people with learning differences  

Safety tips for young people with learning differences At Transitions, we take great care to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students through classroom instruction and the practical application of those lessons. As our students gain their independence, it is imperative that we send them out with safety being at the forefront. 

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5 May by Transition USA

Challenges for Students With Learning Differences: Transitions Talks With Priya

Hope for young people with learning differences in a global pandemic 

Ultimately freedom requires hope, which I define in two ways: the awareness that suffering, however terrible, is temporary, and the curiosity to discover what happens next. Hope allows you to live in the present instead of the past, and to unlock the doors of our mental prisons.” 

-Dr. Edith Eger, GIFT: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life

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