Transitions Camp Calendar 2023

All Camps take place at our Mayfield flagship campus unless otherwise indicated

Weekend Camps: Friday 4pm – Sunday 11am *day only

January 13 – 15
February 25–Albany*
March 10-12
April 21-23
May 6-Cobleskill*
June 16-18
July 22-Albany*
October 20-22
November 17-19

Summer Immersion sessions:

June 25 – July 14
(2-week session July 2 – July 14)
July 16 – August 4
(2-week session July 23 – August 4)

2023 Specialty Camps:

Social Success
January 8-13 for Residential Students, January 9-13 for Day Scholars
My Path to Employment
June 4-9 for Residential Students, June 5-9 for Day Scholars
Organizing My Life
June 11-16 for Residential Students, June 12-16 for Day Scholars
Adirondack Expressions
June 18-23 for Residential Students, June 19-23 for Day Scholars
Celebration of the ARTS
June 19-23 for Day Scholars, Contact for Residential options
STEAM/Innovations Camp
August 6-11 for Residential Students, August 7-11 for Day Scholars
Life After High School
August 13-18 for Residential Students, August 14-18 for Day Scholars
My Independent Life
December 27-30 for All Campers – Fulton

Fall Session 2023

August 1-11
All current residential students will have rooms assigned and these moves will occur
August 22-31
Move-in Days for Fall Semester all new students all campuses
August 28
SUNY Cobleskill begins classes
September 2
Stress-free Fun Day and Picnic for students (Res only)
September 4
Beach day, campfire and Transitions survivor challenge
September 5
Orientation, tours, social events and advisement
September 6
Transitions classes begin
October 9
No Classes, Transitions staff development day*
October 23 til 11/ 9
Mid-term Conferences- all campuses
November 22-26
Thanksgiving Break, No Classes *
December 16
*Transitions & College Semester Ends Saturday
December 17
Winter break begins-camps are scheduled for students

Winter Break

December 17- January 3, 2024
(Accommodations can be made for those staying through the break, classes and activities are scheduled)

Winter Session 2024

January 3 – 14
Specialized weeks and Trips TBA

Spring Session 2024

January 13-14
Returning students Move in Day for Spring Semester
January 15
Social Events and Activities
January 16
First Day of Classes of Transitions Spring Session and Orientation
First day of classes at U-Albany
January 25
First day SUNY Cobleskill
First Day at SUNY Fulton Montgomery
February 16-20
Staff Development Day/Presidents Day, No Classes at Transitions
March 11-28
Mid-term meetings with students and families all campuses
March 29-April 1
Spring mini-break
May 22
Last day of classes for spring semester
May 23
Student awards ceremony and celebration of students
May 24
Student celebratory event with families
May 28-June 21
Daily classes, trips, internships and camps

Summer Immersion Session 2024

June 23
Session 1 Move-in
June 24
Commuter day 1 and Orientation and First day of Classes
July 10
Theme Park Adventure to celebrate successes
July 12
Capstone and Last day of Classes
Session 2
July 14
Session 2 move in
July 15
Commuter and day one of orientation/classes

Transitions specialty weekends at Transitions 2024 dates:

January 19-21 February 9-11 March 9* Alb/Colby May 17-19
June 21-23 July 26-28 August 9-11 October 25-27 all campuses
November 29-Dec 1 December 21-albany

2024 Summer Immersion sessions

June 23-July 12, 2024
(2-week session July 30-July 12)
July 21-August 9, 2024
(2-week session July 28-Aug 9)

2024 specialty weeks:

Social Success
January 7-12 for Residential Students, January 8-12 for Day Scholars
My Path to Employment:
June 2-7 for Residential Students, June 3-7 for Day Scholars
Organizing My Life:
June 9-14 for Residential Students, June 10-14 for Day Scholars
Life after High School :
June 17-21 for Day Scholars, Call for Residential options
Transitions Artism Camp:
August 19-23
Transitions Camp:
August 11-16
My Independent Life
December 27-31