5 Valuable Transition Program Resources

19 Mar by Transition USA

5 Valuable Transition Program Resources

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in six or 17% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years have one or more developmental disabilities throughout the United States. People living with developmental disabilities want to live a happy life and connect with communities and to be valued for their contributions.

Throughout March, we will highlight and celebrate the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of life and provide them with support and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Transitions, a premier program supporting teens and young adults with autism and learning differences focuses its evidence-based curriculum on building independence within college, career and life.

Here are five valuable resources Transitions offers to its students:

1.      Extensive Academic Curriculum

Transitions core curriculum was developed for young adults with learning differences to acquire college, career and life skills, emphasizing the importance of self-advocacy and self-monitoring. Classes include leadership courses, social courses, visual and performing arts, health advocacy, independence training and executive functioning. These classes are rigorous and unpredictable enough to imitate actual college and career settings while providing safe and supportive learning.

2.      Specialty Camps

There are many camps offered at Transitions, ranging from a weekend to three weeks long and offer students the opportunity to attend just for the day or stay overnight in Transitions apartments. During the summer, Transitions mini-camps help students create lasting friendships and learn valuable skills such as living independently, navigating friendships, learning about academic success and from activities kayaking, campfires, arts and cooking challenges. Families are invited as well to network with others who have similar experiences.

3.      Housing and Amenities

Students and camp participants can live in Transitions apartments with one to four roommates. Amenities such as cable TV and on-site laundry facilities are provided. In addition, a shuttle service is offered to students to travel across program buildings, the college and local towns.

4.      Full-Year Programs

Transitions offers full-year programs for college students, adult learners, art studies and career and life studies. These programs are designed to prepare students and adults for their future by sharpening their abilities to accomplish life goals they have set for themselves.

5.      Social Activities

Transitions students can participate in performing and visual arts and technology opportunities, as well as recreational and social activities such as clubs, sports and community service. These activities are a way for students to develop social skills, make friends, relax and have fun after a productive day in the classroom.

If you are a parent of a teenager or young adult with developmental disabilities, we encourage you to visit transitionsusa.org to learn more about the programs offered and how your child could benefit from becoming a Transitions student.

Transitions provides support to teens and young adults with autism and other learning differences. The evidence-based program trains its students by providing lifelong skills to live independently and succeed academically and professionally. To learn more, visit transitionsusa.org.

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