Dear parents of young adults with learning differences,

As the mother of a daughter with Turner syndrome and nonverbal learning disabilities, I know how overwhelming it feels when you’re faced with decisions that affect your son or daughter for life. Your son or daughter is finishing or has finished high school – what next? Will they be able to make it through college? What supports will be in place to help them?

Or what if they want to go straight into a career path, where there are even fewer supports available? Or what if they are already in their college or career path and are experiencing difficulties? How can you help them be independent, confident, self-sufficient and, above all, safe?

I had the same concerns when my daughter graduated high school and wanted to go to college. Even though I had more than 25 years of experience supporting people with disabilities and the resources to help her, I, too, was overwhelmed to think about how to prepare her for life without supports she had in school or even life without me. She and I developed a step-by-step plan together. I’m proud to say that she has now graduated from the Honors College at the State University of New York in Albany and is working on her master’s degree. She has been on the Dean’s List every semester, has a part-time job, an internship supporting people with disabilities, and is a worship leader and Sunday School teacher at our church. My daughter has faced many challenges in her life, but we’ve found that with the right resources, and with people willing to help, challenges can become opportunities for people with learning differences.

I am fortunate to have spent my career in this field and to be able to offer my daughter the best support she can get. But what about all the other children and young adults with special needs who want the same opportunities, but don’t have those resources available? This was what inspired me to create the Transitions program.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staff and uniquely designed curriculum, we offer your son or daughter individualized attention and training in skills they will use for the rest of their lives, including executive functioning, leadership, relationship building and living independently. To you, we offer the promise that your child will be safe, well cared for and will come out of the program prepared for opportunities that life offers beyond high school.

You’ve brought your child this far. Let us help you help them take the next big step in their lives. Let us help them transition from a life of constant support to a life they control themselves.


Shaloni Winston, Founder