Register now for our upcoming PEERS® Social Success Course!

Register now for our upcoming PEERS® Social Success Course!

Register now for our upcoming PEERS® Social Success Course!

Is there a young adult in your life who could use some help in social situations? Starting October 3, we are presenting PEERS®, an in-depth course aimed at helping young people succeed socially. Anyone within the targeted age group can register.

What is PEERS®?
• The Program for the Evaluation and Enrichment of Relational Skills
• A parent-assisted intervention which is focused on teens in middle and high school who are having trouble making and keeping friends. The intervention is currently being researched with young adults as well.
• Developed at UCLA in 2005 by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson and Dr. Fred Frankel

PEERS® may help the students with:
• Interacting with others through conversations
• Choosing friends
• Entering groups
• Building confidence in social situations
• Navigating teasing and bullying
• And much more!

Who may benefit from the PEERS® course?
• PEERS® has a strong evidence based use with teens with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and is currently being researched with young adults with ASD.
• It has been studied in those with ADHD and because it targets skill development, it may have widespread benefit.
• Studies have demonstrated applicability to children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and problems with obesity.
• We are accepting young adults 16 and up. Instructors will interview to ensure participants would benefit from the group.

Important facts:
• Each student must also have a “coach” attend a separate session offered at the same time as the participant’s session, led by a different instructor.
• The coach can be a parent or caregiver who lives with or can work with the participant regularly enough during the week between sessions to reinforce skills learned and help the student do assigned tasks.
• This is a 13 week class offered on Wednesdays from October 3 through January 2 from 5 pm to 6:30 pm.
• Cost is $195 or $15 per week. Scholarships are possible for people enrolled in Family Services.
• The instructors for this course are Certified PEERS® Instructors Instructors Heidi Smith, Training and Development Manager and Marla Lathers, Senior Advanced Mental Health Specialist.

2736 State Highway 30 | Mayfield, NY 12117

For more information and to register, call Nancy DeSando at (518) 773-2050 or email