Specialty Camps

adk-1280In addition to the Summer Immersion Experience, Transitions also offers weeklong camps for young adults interested in exploring certain aspects of independent living more in-depth. 

At these camps, students will not only receive instruction in skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives, they will also experience all the fun the Adirondacks can offer, with outdoor excursions and arts enrichment classes alike!

Students can attend camps just for the day or they can stay overnight in Transitions apartments. 
For more information, call us at (518) 775-5384. 

My Independent Life | June 10-14, 2019

This camp will help you build independence, become self-reliant and learn about living on your own. There are no age limits – you must only be motivated to learn. The camp includes classes on social skills, independent living, safety, communication, budgeting, accessing community supports and more. There will be hands-on activities, practical skill development and fun art, theater, dance and yoga classes.

My Path to Employment | June 17-21, 2019

Come to this camp to learn about the start-to-finish process of finding gainful employment. Sessions will cover important job skills, work ethics, what a supervisor is looking for in an employee, how to stand out in an interview and on the job, building better resumes and cover letters, career searching and completing an internship followed by a full assessment. Because life can’t only be about work, there will also be fun activities in art, photography and more.

Innovations Camp | July 15-19, 2019

At this camp, students will be presented with fun, hands-on challenges that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation. Transitions instructors will help students build confidence, dream big and create to the fullest extent of their ambition.

Transitions Summer Camp | July 21-26, 2019

Transitions Summer Camp specializes in providing education, adventure and fun while developing social, coping, organizational and independence skills for young people with nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD), autism spectrum disorders and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD). There are overnight and day options for campers aged 15 through 27.

Succeeding Socially | August 5-9, 2019

This camp is dedicated to helping campers become comfortable and fluent in any social situation. Do you feel uneasy in different social situations? Do you not know what to say or how to build lasting relationships? Do you want to build your “friends base” with like-minded people? Our certified instructors will help you meet all those goals and more through the PEERS® curriculum, community activities and events that reinforce the skills learned and help you feel confident in all social situations. The camp will also teach acceptance, tolerance, safety when meeting and building relationships, and appropriate interpersonal skills. Interspersed with social education will be fun recreation activities such as painting, sculpting, culinary classes, theater and yoga.

Building My Confidence | August 26-30, 2019

The goal of this camp is to help you build your confidence by developing your strengths and learning how to embrace your differences. You’ll set attainable life goals and we’ll help you develop and then guide you on the path to accomplishing them. You will take classes in leadership and advocacy and learn social skills through hands on activities and community practice. In addition, you’ll take music and theater classes that will teach you skills you’ll have for your whole life. You’ll cultivate new interests and hobbies, take a fun trip with friends and so much more!

Life Beyond High School | December 16-20, 2019

This camp helps prepare campers for life after high school. Campers will learn self-reliance and explore what comes next for them, whether it be a career or college, and how to succeed no matter what path each camper chooses.

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