Residential Life

Transitions Residential Life: Empowering Independent Living

At Transitions, we are dedicated to helping students build skills they need to thrive independently. By living in their own apartments, students will gain practical experience in life and executive functioning skills. Our comprehensive program includes managing finances and budgeting, preparing healthy and delicious meals, using public transportation when necessary, learning safety at home and in the community, maintaining personal and living spaces, joining clubs and gyms, engaging in extracurricular and evening activities, and planning social events. Transitions mentors and staff provide individual and group support designed so each student can apply their skills and progress at their own pace.

Comfortable Housing and Amenities

Students who participate in Transitions programs (camps, summer and full-year) will live in well-appointed apartments with one to four roomates in safe, walkable communities in Albany, Cobleskill and Johnstown, selected on individual student needs. Designed on a tier system, students will progress from 24/7 staff supports to independent living with a housemate and routine staff visits.

Each apartment includes essential furnishings and amenities such as Internet, utilities and all current safety features as well as access to laundry facilities. Additionally, our apartments are located in small communities within walking distance to shopping, groceries, and entertainment. Regular shuttle service and access to public transit ensure easy travel between Transitions buildings, colleges and local businesses.

Ensuring Safety & Providing Support

At Transitions, the safety and well-being of every student is our top priority. We provide a robust network of counseling, medical, and staff support available 24 hours a day. All apartments are equipped with fire and personal safety features, including fire and smoke alarms, detailed evacuation plans, and emergency procedures and contact instructions.

With an average staff-to-student ratio of 1:3, our dedicated staff are available around the clock to offer guidance and support. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., staff assist with medication reminders, self-care, daily activities, transportation, appointments, community involvement, shopping, and financial resources. During the overnight hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., staff are always on hand, either on-site for apartments with 24/7 staffing or on-call for those living more independently.

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