Session III Graduation!

Session III Graduation!

This past Friday, the third and final class graduated from the 2015 Transitions Summer Immersion Experience. It was a bittersweet day, because our Apprentices have come so far, but now we must say goodbye to them and 2015’s Summer Immersion Experience.

The graduation ceremony started with a performance by the Apprentices who took Modern Acting with Roberta Esposito as an enrichment course. Apprentices Bre and Hayla acted out a couple entertaining scenes from Alice in Wonderland, with Bre as Alice and Hayla as the caterpillar.


With the afternoon kicked off in such a lighthearted way, we moved on to the group capstone presentations. The Cliffhangers – Apprentices Cliff, Ben, Kevin, Sam and Mike – produced a video of Transitions Monopoly. The Apprentices were the playing pieces and each square on the board hid a piece of information they learned at Transtions. The project revealed not only how much the Apprentices learned at Transitions, but also their personalities, senses of humor and computer editing skills.


After them was Team Lights, Camera, Action, made up of Apprentices Bre, Hayla, Danielle, Jen and Mack. They showed a video sketch called “Open Mic Night at Transitions,” where they performed original songs and poems about what they learned at Transitions.


Then came the individual presentations. First up was Apprentice Ben with an exciting video of himself at his dog training internship, guiding his Labrador friend Donnie through an obstacle course. He even brought Donnie to the ceremony and introduced him to the crowd. It is clear that Ben has a great love for animals and an innate ability to connect and interact with them.

Next, Apprentice Kevin showed a PowerPoint about his time at Transitions. He followed that up with a presentation of a video game character he designed in the program BrawlBox, impressing everyone with his computer skills and understanding of video game mechanics.

Aspiring chef Danielle came after him, with a PowerPoint about her time at Transitions and a treat for the audience: meatball hors d’oeuvres. They were delicious and a big hit for the lunchtime crowd. Danielle has a bright future ahead of her in the food service industry.

Apprentice Mack, who wants to be a professional bass fisherman, used his time to demonstrate self-management ideas in a novel way: through a presentation on fishing. He included information about different species of fish, tips for fishing and what it takes to be a professional fisherman. Mack is passionate about this field and we wish him luck as he works to turning it into a career.

Apprentice Hayla did something similar with life skills and wellness and gardening. She opened with a presentation about herself and Transitions, then moved into a very informative segment about types of flowers and gardening methods.

Apprentice Mike’s presentation was more demonstrational. He gave a presentation about what he did and learned at his internship at a mechanic garage and then showed a video of him changing a tire. He looked very comfortable around the tools and included helpful but humorous tips in his video.

Apprentice Jen’s presentation was about herself, her goals and child care, her chosen career. It was clear from how she talked about it in her PowerPoint that Jen is passionate about this field and has the determination to achieve her dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher’s aide.

Apprentice Sam shared a PowerPoint about himself, what he learned at Transitions and the steps he will take toward his goal of working in IT. He interned in Lexington’s IT department, where he learned a lot and showed aptitude with working with computers. He finished his presentation with an interview he conducted with his internship supervisor about how he can go about getting a job in the IT field.

Apprentice Bre showed a PowerPoint and video about her time at Transitions. A talented aspiring photographer, she shared how her internship in Lexington’s marketing department helped her develop her skills and how she will continue to pursue her goals at FMCC this fall.

Last came Apprentice Cliff, with a PowerPoint presentation about Transitions and his future goal of becoming a beta tester for video games. He did a lot of research about the career and has outlined the steps he needs to take to get into the field. Cliff is mature and driven, and we wish him luck in achieving his goals.

Then Cliff, the representative for the Apprentice Council, read a letter from the council about how they felt about the program and what they think it could do to improve. After that, all the graduates had to do was receive their portfolios and certificates before they joined the ranks of the Transitions Alumni.


We are very proud of this class, as we are of all the Summer Immersion Experience classes. Each session the young men and women have surprised us with how much they learned and grew. Every one of them took measurable steps toward bright futures, self-sufficiency and self-betterment. It was our pleasure to put them in an environment where they were free to blossom under their own steam. We thank all of the Apprentices for a great summer and wish them the very best for their futures. We look forward to many more sessions after this one.

Next stop: the full-year Apprenticeships, starting in the fall. As always, follow us for updates on that new adventure!