Session III, Week 1 Blog Post

Session III, Week 1 Blog Post

The 2015 Transitions Summer Immersion Experience welcomed its third and final class of the summer last Monday! This session will be a little bittersweet, but we are excited to see what our bright new Apprentices will accomplish during their time at Transitions.

On their first day of classes, the Apprentices attended Career Exploration 101 at Fulton-Montgomery Community College, where they talked about job interviews and professionalism. They returned to Transitions for Self-Management, lunch, an enrichment class and activities devoted to getting to know each other, navigating the program and organizing their binders.


For the rest of the week, the Apprentices attended classes that introduced them to the foundations of Transitions’ curriculum. In Wellness they learned about exercise. Self-Discovery and Leadership taught them about self-awareness and learning styles – auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic. The Apprentices learned to identify, understand and embrace their unique learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.

The PEERS social skills class introduced the Apprentices to buzzwords, navigating introductions and finding common interests with someone they want to get to know. These are simple but vital skills to living happily and independently, as are the ones they learned in Financial Management. The activities in that class taught the Apprentices how to count and budget their money and how to use a debit card.


On Wednesday, the Apprentices had their first meeting of the capstone course, Executive Functioning and Project Management. They learned about project management, creating a visual plan for project completion, compiling timelines and assigning responsibilities within a group. The end goal of this class is to present group and individual capstone projects at the graduation ceremony, so the Apprentices split into two teams and began working immediately. Working in a group isn’t easy, but all the Apprentices are enthusiastic about their projects and willing to do their part for the team.

The enrichment classes are always favorites among the Apprentices. This session we have Modern Acting with Roberta Esposito, Music and Rhythm with Diane Mott, and a new offering: Paper Art with Michaela Worosz, one of the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts’ artists-in-residence. She taught the Apprentices how to fold paper into sculptural forms and how to make their own sketchbooks out of nothing but paper and string.


There’s a new extracurricular feature in this session as well: Homework Club on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8 to 9 a.m. This is a time for the Apprentices to get to know each other and their mentors, as well as to get all their work done so they’re not overwhelmed by due dates.

Outside the classrooms, the Apprentices have been keeping busy at their Tuesday and Thursday internships. This session, we have Apprentices interning at Encore Kids, day cares, catering companies and several Lexington departments – IT, Commodities, the mechanical garage and the photography section of Marketing. The Apprentices have also been working on the lean-to that the first two sessions started. With contributions from all three groups, it’s really starting to take shape.


On Thursday, the Apprentices went on a tour of the College of St. Rose. They explored classrooms, visited TV and radio broadcasting sets, sat in theaters, tried out gym equipment and heard about the school from their very own mentor, Alycia, a current student at St. Rose. After the tour, they ate dinner at one of the University at Albany’s dining halls and took public transportation to Crossgates Mall for some shopping.


The last big activity in the first week was Saturday’s tour of Howe Caverns. The Apprentices had a great time exploring the caves and climbing rock walls.

And there’s even more fun to be had during the rest of the third session of the Transitions Summer Immersion Experience. Keep an eye on this blog to see how this summer will end!