Social Activities

The Transitions experience is a fun and exciting one. Students are exposed extensively to both the performing and visual arts and technology, all while taking part in abundant recreational and social opportunities. Art enthusiasts can learn from the Paul Nigra Center’s artists-in-residence and tour museums and performance venues. Those interested in technology can tour companies and learn from our knowledgeable faculty. Weekly events are scheduled to help students experience a range of activities that help expand their social menu and promote opportunities for lasting friendships. Students will be encouraged to explore leisure skills and engage in hobbies, which can provide natural social connections with others.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of activities Transitions offers

Creative Arts

Dance, music, theater, painting, photography, filmmaking, printmaking, sculpture, woodworking, culinary arts, jewelry making and more

Community Activities

Dances, concerts, laser tag, roller skating/blading, visits to the mall, movies, dinners, trips to the beach, trips to Six Flags, go-carts, festivals, performances and more


Hiking, camping, writing, photography, nature, volunteering, mime, anime, theater, happiness club and more


Graphic design, digital photography, sound engineering, visits to nanotech companies and colleges


Basketball, beach volleyball, kayaking, boating, Frisbee, rock climbing, soccer, softball, tennis, whitewater rafting, skiing/snow shoeing, sailing, bowling, team sports and more

In addition, Fulton-Montgomery Community College offers an array of activities for students. There are 31 clubs and organizations for music and the arts, outdoor activities, major-related subjects and more. There are also student leadership opportunities and sports teams in baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer and basketball. FMCC’s fitness center is open to students seven days a week.

With independence comes freedom of choice, and Transitions will also offer several supervised evening activities and games to help students relax and unwind after a busy academic day.