Transitions Summer Immersion Experience – Session II, Week 3

Transitions Summer Immersion Experience – Session II, Week 3

It’s time to say goodbye to another session of Transitions Summer Immersion Experience graduates. Session II had their ceremony Friday, when they presented their capstone projects and received their diplomas.


The afternoon started with group presentations. Team Wolf Pack presented what they learned through a mock game of Jeopardy! Team Tigers followed with an evening news session, where they presented segments on their classes. The unorthodox presentation styles of both teams set the lighthearted tone for the rest of the program, and the audience had fun playing along.

Individual projects came next. Chris came first with a video about himself and what he learned at Transitions. He mentioned his enhanced cooking skills, the scavenger hunt that taught him basic maintenance skills and his internship in the Lexington Communications Department. He said Transitions helped him be more patient and taught him when it is appropriate to share opinions. Chris is an aspiring journalist, so he finished his presentation by highlighting the steps he needs to take to make that a reality.


Victoria came to Transitions to get new experiences, meet people and help her reach her long-term goal of being a photographer at Disney World. Always an enthusiastic student, Victoria had a lot to share about what she learned at Transitions: cooking, conversational skills, self-confidence and staying healthy. She especially appreciated the skills that will directly help her achieve her goals, such as conversational buzzwords, schedule-making and preparing for interviews. We wish Victoria luck in achieving her Disney dreams!


Next, Joel offered something different. The aspiring chef began his presentation by handing out hors d’oeuvres – bruschetta and mini sausages. Joel came to Transitions to learn more about cooking and explore his future goals. To that end, he learned how to be safe in the kitchen and cooked new recipes such as pizza and chicken parmesan. His favorite class was Portrait Painting in Oil with Gwyneth Scally, the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts’ artist-in-residence. Joel’s appetizers were delicious and his future is bright. Congratulations, Joel!


Ken came to the program to learn to eat healthier, make new friends and become more independent. Transitions taught him to cook, budget his money, use a debit card and do his own laundry. Living independently in Transitions’ residential program was a twofold benefit, giving him experience being on his own and introducing him to a new lifelong friend, Transitions alum Coty. Ken’s dream is to become a custodian, so he presented a video interview with Sal, the head custodian at Transitions, about what it takes to get where he is. Good luck, Ken!


Joey M. came to Transitions to learn to cook, make friends and see if college is right for him. At the program, Joey decided he wanted to go to the College of Saint Rose and major in human services. Joey’s capstone presentation was a video of interviews with Mentor Alycia, a current Saint Rose student, Mentor Kevin, a human services major, and Jennifer Feagles, a Transitions wellness coach with a degree in social work. Joey has chosen a worthwhile career path and we wish him the best of luck in achieving it.


Andrew came to Transitions to make friends and get work experience. He says that because of Transitions he feels more confident being a leader, and that the program helped him establish a daily routine. His favorite activities were cooking chicken parmesan and building the lean-to. Andrew interned with Lexington’s Safety and Health Department, which gave him experience in work related to his goal of becoming an investigator. Good luck, Andrew!


Joe B. is an aspiring author of action, adventure and mystery novels. He intends to go to college and came to Transitions to make his existing skills stronger and get new ones. According to the humorous narrative video he made about his time at Transitions, Joe had a lot of fun at the program and did things he never thought he’d be able to do, such as intern with Lexington’s IT department. Congratulations, Joe!


Finally, Olivia’s capstone was an original song called “What Do I Want to Do with My Life?” She followed that with a stunning rendition of “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera. Olivia, an aspiring musical theater actress, came to Transitions to learn job skills and make friends. She said she now feels more comfortable in job situations, can manage her money and has learned about wellness. Olivia is a talented young woman and we’ve seen her self-confidence and motivation grow a lot in the past three weeks. Congratulations and good luck, Olivia!


Please join us in congratulating all these smart young men and women and wishing them the best of luck in their futures. It’s hard to believe they are already finished and the last session of the Transitions Summer Immersion Experience has begun. Stay with us for the final round of updates for Session III!