Weekend Programs

A Weekend at Transitions Could Change Your Life!

Experience Independence • Learn To Live With Roommates • Have Lots Of Fun

Transitions Mini Camps inspire high school students and young adults with learning differences to become more independent and build confidence in living a fulfilled and productive life. Not only do students learn valuable skills and create lasting friendships, they also get to know themselves on a deep level that helps them use their strengths to find their niche in life. These weekend camps are filled with fun activities that bring students closer to like-minded peers in a carefully structured nurturing and supportive environment. Skill building is woven into all activities, from kayaking, bowling and campfires to karaoke, arts and cooking challenges.

A Mini Camp can be a vacation for the entire family. While students participate in camp activities, families can take advantage of the arts and learning opportunities we offer at our facility. Educating families and facilitating networking with others who have similar experiences are important goals of ours, along with ensuring our students have fun and

Upcoming Dates at MAYFIELD Campus

  • February 25-27 , 2022
  • April 22 -24 , 2022
  • May 20-22 , 2022
  • June 4 , 2022
  • August 12-14 , 2022
  • October 21-23 , 2022
  • November 18-20 , 2022
  • December 2-4 , 2022

These Mini Camps take place at Transitions’ facility in Upstate New York. The cost is $325 for the weekend, inclusive of overnight accommodations and meals.